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BRANKA’S MORGANS born and raised to be with YOU
These are not my sweet words to sell you a horse. This is for your knowledge
about what kind of equine member you may some day own and take care of if you
decide to own any of our horses. Your care and responsibility to have a place and
the means to own one is paramount.  Then you will be able to fully enjoy this
wonderful big creature.  

You may be a first time horse owner, like I was when I started. Horses are not just
for riding. It is a pleasure therapy just to be around them and in the herd with them

Here are a few reasons why you would own a horse we raised ...

they are safe
they are raised with humans to respect human presence
they have excellent dispositions
they have excellent bloodlines
they are very intelligent
they are very beautiful
they are easy to handle

We purchased 3 horses of different age, different gender and raise them on our
farm. We have seen huge differences between horses we bought and the horses
we have raised.
There is a lot to say about horses in general. There is no need to fear a horse that
was exposed to people from its birth and that had never been abused or
neglected in any way. How can I say this when we all know very well that many
people had been injured and killed by abused horses.

We purchased quality horses with excellent bloodlines. We had a good sense
about their personalities and dispositions just by looking at their pictures. Later we
learned about their extended bloodlines and its meaning. To have generations of
excellent genes in thier bloodlines means a lot. Horses are different, the same as
people. Most of them are good and some of them are exceptional.

Our foals started with excellent bloodlines. They were born outside in our pastures
or in our corrals surrounded with their herd. They are helped, by our hands, to take
a first breath and to stand on their legs. After a few hours they follow their mother
to the stall where we continue to monitor and handling with care. Leaving the
mother and newborn alone is wrong.  If you are a part of the herd as a chosen
leader then your presence will not obstruct the bonding process between mother
and foal at all. While mares don’t like other horses close to their baby, they don’t
have problem to have us close by.

Young baby foals are cute adorable little creatures with big curious eyes and
constantly watching where is momma. Anything different looking than mom they
will turn their back and try to kick. Well, that is not allowed even if it is natural. A
gentle push every time, avoidance, calling out to stop and soon kicking will stop.

Our foals are not weaned off forcefully by our hand. They are weaned off by their
mothers. When that happens you can see the question in their eyes;.. why doesn’t
my mom want me anymore... They are letting go free and ready for the big world.
No stress and no shock from separation. Result: easy, fast and willing to learn in
thier new world. Ready to pay full attention to what you want from them, naturally.
That is the moment when they are ready to go.

See the life our horses have......our herd

.........my love